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Diabolical Liberties

Cause trouble… inspire Change.


Website for matka film is ready

The website of a first feature project done by Diabolical-Liberties is ready.

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matka (the mother)

Abandoned by his father, 9 year old Artur is left in a State run orphanage; the harsh realities of the orphanage and fear are overcome by the comforting of his […]

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Diabolical-Liberties is a European feature production company based in Katowice, Silesia, Poland, founded in 2012.

We believe film can make a difference, hence our radical motto Cause trouble… inspire Change. We take action using the medium of film to tell our stories and reach audiences through a pro-active approach to distribution.

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Jana III Sobieskiego 12 flat 3
40-082 Katowice, Polska

tel.: +48 32 220 14 00
kom.: +48 783 156 450 lub +48 601 77 10 25